Student Story

Madison Cook, Practical Nurse Program

Heidi Underwood, Business Technology Program
“Nursing is a career that lets you give and serve unconditionally."

When Madison Cook was born, her doctors and nurses weren't sure she would live. Her parents credit one nurse in particular for saving her life. Years later, Madison met that nurse and personally thanked her for what she had done. This moment helped define her career goals. Madison knew she wanted to help others just as her nurse had done for her.

Madison showed her love for helping others through a measles campaign in Africa. At DATC, Madison's teacher, recognizing her gifts for hard work and a positive attitude, suggested Madison apply for the Student of the Year competition, where she took second place. "Nursing is a career that lets you give and serve unconditionally." says Madison.

Pedro Arzeno, Practical Nurse Program

Heidi Underwood, Business Technology Program
“Other people see obstacles and think they have to stop."

Pedro first enrolled at the DATC as a Nurse Assistant student in 2009. After completing his program and working as a CNA, Pedro realized he wanted to pursue nursing further. With several other nursing programs to consider, he returned to DATC because of its reputation for preparing students.

Pedro's sense of humor, focus, and inquiring mind inspire people around him. He was a finalist in the student of the year competition, and he credits his own struggles for helping to motivate others. "Other people see obstacles and think they have to stop," Pedro says. "But if they believe they are capable of anything, they would move forward and accomplish what they want to do."

Heidi Underwood, Business Technology Program

Heidi Underwood, Business Technology Program
“I couldn’t have attended college without my Pell Grant and Scholarships. I was so nervous to go back to college after all these years, so not having to worry about money relieved me from additional stress,” says Business Student Heidi Underwood.

Although she received a Federal Pell Grant, she soon realized it wouldn’t go far enough to cover her books and supplies. Heidi applied to the DATC Student Ambassador program and was rewarded with a scholarship that paid 33% of her tuition. Between that and the Barlow scholarship, Heidi had the necessary funding for tuition, books and supplies.

As an Ambassador for the College, Heidi had plenty of opportunities to share her inspiring story with prospective students. She attended school Monday through Thursday in the morning before heading home to take care of her six kids. “College was hard, but I just made it work”, says Heidi. “My kids helped each other get ready for school in the morning. It takes the whole family to achieve a dream.”

Heidi graduated in September 2013 with a Business Technology Certificate. She will receive her second certificate as an Administrative Professional in 2014. “My instructors, Kari Phillips and Lori Wilcox, were instrumental in getting my internship at Sierra RV in Sunset, UT. I learned a ton about submitting and filing insurance claims for damaged RV’s.” Heidi started working for the IRS as a contact representative in December.

“I encourage my children to get their college education while they’re young,” says Heidi. That sound advice had motivated her daughter, Kaitlyn, to enroll in the Pharmacy Technician Program and her oldest son, Bryant, to attend the Digital Media Design program at DATC. Kaitlyn says, “It is kind of weird to think I was going to school with my mom, but she is a good example to me. Thanks to Pell Grants, I plan to graduate from DATC and Pharmacy School so I can buy a home, get married and have some children. I plan to give my kids the same advice my mom gave me…go to school and don’t slack off.”